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Lift us out of the day to day so that the plan can happen

Funding for leadership and management development gave the managers at SWALLOW an opportunity to work with a business coach. SWALLOW supports people with learning difficulties in Bath, North East Somerset and surrounding areas.

The managers wanted to clarify the charity's goals and get the ownership and understanding of the employees and trustees so that skills, time and activities could be used to optimum effect. As the General Manager Bev described it, " to lift us out of the day to day so that the plan can happen".

Nicky, the Finance Manager, described the overall aim as follows: "We wanted to use the skills of a management coach to help SWALLOW make a step change in the charity's ability to develop and manage its resources and staff, enabling us to help as many people with learning difficulties in Bath and North East Somerset as possible."

After a series of 6 coaching meetings spread over 6 months with Ann Sherrington, together with a planning day with the Trustee Board, also facilitated by Ann, the management team has been empowered to shape the future and given the tools to deliver it effectively.

Bev and Nicky describe the outcomes as: "With Ann's help we have been able to sharpen our business plan to achieve better direction for the charity as well as being able to market the services that we provide more successfully. The employees and trustees have benefited from her input as we have passed on the skills we have learnt to them. We now focus on being able to read, understand and manage people more effectively, not just through what they say. Ann's coaching has made a big difference to us!"

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