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How we work

We enjoy coaching and mentoring our clients and look forward very much to the coaching and mentoring we will continue to do in the future. The leaders and managers who work with us give us our very successful track record and reputation which grows along with their success!

When coaching individuals, a series of focused discussions at a frequency to suit our client is set up. In these discussions a range of coaching skills and tools is used to enable a conversation to take place that will, for example:

  • Raise our client’s awareness of the things they are not noticing
  • Clarify thoughts and visions
  • Bring new perspectives to their thinking
  • Challenge limiting assumptions
  • Encourage creativity
  • Provide a safe place to develop, explore and test out ideas and solutions
  • Provide support and encouragement
  • Bring renewed energy and ideas into the thinking and decision making process

So that our clients complete the actions, make the decisions and reach the goals they have set themselves.

Groups of leaders and their teams usually like us to take a facilitated workshop approach in order to deliver team coaching so that team goals can be defined, shared, owned and met.

We work to the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) code of ethics.

Ann is extremely approachable. She has the ability to draw out the best in her clients and encourages them to air their thoughts & ideas with confidence.

Workshop attendee - July 2006

Ann's coaching style really challenged me to map out my overall priorities in a very focused and honest manner.  I wanted to really understand my ambitions both inside and outside of work, we then worked on strategies to obtain this.  I am happy to say that 2 years in, my revised approach is delivering my overall life goals, achieving that old cliché - ‘work-life balance'.

Industrial Service Director - Europe & AIM (Africa, India & the Middle East)