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Enable my senior team to work well together

The CEO at this company could see the relationship between Directors was difficult and getting in the way of performance.

Both Directors were key players in the future of the company and their inability to work effectively together was distracting them and other senior level staff from their focus on ambitious business growth plans. The business was beginning to suffer as a result. One of the two, the coachee, was on the point of leaving when the CEO suggested coaching might help – she felt it would provide the support needed to keep such a key member of the team and get the two Directors working effectively together.

As a result of six coaching sessions the coach is still with this company, contributing significantly to meeting the business’s goals. She has found ways of working together with her fellow Director (for example working together on the more tricky situations where two perspectives can be more useful than just one) , as well as improving the relationship. As well as being more focused on the business growth targets less time is being spent looking inwards and resolving conflicts. The energy is instead going into winning new business, successfully meeting ambitious growth plans, increasing the teams’ performance and motivation and in finding new and creative ways to improve business performance.

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