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Case studies

I need to empower my team leaders to become more independent and feel able to use their own initiative!

The MD of a large interior design & supply company in the southwest was planning to take more of a backseat role and needed to empower his team leaders to take more control of this expanding business going forward.
He specifically wanted them to feel able to make decisions for themselves & use more initiative in the running of their own departments and growing the business. He set up individual coaching sessions for each of them with Ann to achieve these objectives.
Having received regular coaching on a one-to-one basis with Ann, the MD has noticed the team leaders are confidently taking on more responsibility for their own areas. They are focused on providing their own solutions, take greater control of growing the business and make far more decisions independently.
Along the way, they have enjoyed developing their leadership skills and seeing how positively their teams have responded.
“Our sessions with Ann have helped catalyse an already established need for change……the coaching helped the leaders manage change and remain in control."
“Those involved find themselves being challenged and are thinking & working hard!”
"I find we work much better as a team now - I think about what works for each person and can manage them accordingly. This leaves me able to focus on expanding the department."

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