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Case studies

I want to inspire my staff to fully embrace our new business plan

The MD owner of a rapidly growing company wanted to produce a clear plan for his business - one that he was confident with and inspired by. He wanted key members of his team to be involved in producing the plan and to feel energised because they owned it too. He also wanted all his staff to be ‘on board’ with the plan, to understand what it meant for them and to feel motivated and supported to work with their colleagues towards meeting the goals within it.

He was keen to work with Ann to help him make decisions on:
  • the structure and content of the plan
  • how to involve key players in developing the goals and strategies
  • ideas for presenting it to his staff in a way they understood and that made them enthusiastic about the business’s plans and able to play their part in making it happen.
He wanted to explore and challenge his thinking and to bring new perspectives to his business planning thinking. He wanted a sounding board to ‘try out’ ideas and an opportunity to discuss and deal with concerns and uncertainties that were holding him back. In this way he knew that when the plan was finished, he would be confident and excited that the thinking behind it was sound.

After a series of coaching sessions held over four months, the business plan is successfully written and the MD feels great! He is very clear in his own mind that it is the right plan for himself, his family and his business. The plan is aspirational and achievable. His key members of staff have all been actively involved in shaping the ideas for the plan and feel a sense of ownership that has enabled them to positively share the vision for the future with their teams. He feels motivated, excited and energised by what he has created and sees it as a real springboard for the business’s and his own future.

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