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Case studies

I need to regain my confidence and motivation so that I can enjoy my job again

The Operations Director of a manufacturing company had been concerned for several months that he wasn’t performing to his full potential as he had been in the past. He no longer felt he was in control of day to day events or of longer term issues. He felt this was beginning to affect his colleagues’ focus and motivation.

This was leading to a sense of frustration, draining his energy and enthusiasm. It also meant that he struggled to make the major strategic business decisions he had previously been making confidently and effectively.

Over the course of several meetings, the Operations Director was encouraged to see accurately how things really were and not to underestimate his performance. He began to receive and welcome honest feedback from both his peer group and his team. In particular he was able to explore the reasons behind why he felt isolated and had lost his old confidence. The coaching led his thinking onto a number of possible approaches to take to regain that feeling of being in control.

The outcome of the coaching sessions was a considerable improvement in self-confidence and in his self belief to make major decisions again. He found he was behaving in a more positive manner with his staff, made more use of feedback within his team and both he and the business reaped the benefits of him enjoying working to his potential again.

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