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Case studies

UKTI - advisors embrace their sales targets

UKTI International Trade Advisors in the South West deliver a range of products and services to businesses who either are, or intend to start exporting their products and services overseas.

As a whole, the team needed to meet its public service team targets or risk losing the contract renewal that would enable it to continue. As individuals the International Trade Advisors (ITAs) needed to meet their individual targets. Achieving this meant being confident and effective with building long-term, strong customer relationships based on supplying services that added real/long-term value and on giving great advice. This involved being able to identify needs and broader needs and then being more aware of the broader UKTI/Business West offering and able to introduce services and colleagues that would add value in order to offer the best solution/option.

Ann worked with the UKTI SW Management and Advisor teams to develop an approach to sales support and sales management. She then developed and delivered a programme of interactive training and coaching for the Advisors to enable them to meet their targets.

"Dear Ann, for your info we have just crossed the finishing line and achieved our demanding numeral targets! (and you played your part in all this)", Kind regards. Pete

The Individual ITAs said;

"I am paying greater attention to allow my clients to "open-up""

"I listen more and stress the benefits rather than the features"

"I now use open questions and sell benefits directly to meet customers' needs."

"I save time by incorporating some of the important questions when I am engaging with them early on."

"I take more effective, different approaches to people holding different roles"

"I do client follow-up and meeting actions much quicker now."

"Ann is one of the best consultants I have had the pleasure to work with. I particularly like the way she really breaks down and identifies exactly what the real problems/issues are. This happens via her very strong inter personal skills discussing and checking with both managers and staff alike. Ann then helps deliver the right solutions and gets things done! She has worked with me on several projects involving improving sales and this has involved changing mindsets/culture as well approaches/techniques. In all cases this has secured new leads and conversions resulting in demanding target achievements. Very highly recommended".

Pete Downing -UKTI.

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