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Enabling Selling
Enabling Selling

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enabling selling

Who we work with

The organisations who work with us all share something in common. They employ great people who are experienced and specialists in their own field and who feel uncomfortable with some aspect of the selling or sales managing part of their roles. They include technical specialists, business specialists and advisers, manufacturers, engineers, designers, linguists and proprieters.

For example they might be:
  • Feeling unsure about the changes they need to make to their selling activity to respond to the organisation and/or their market changing in some way
  • Keen to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to winning new business and customer care
  • Needing to see increased sales from both new and existing customers
  • Looking for a sounding board and guidance to help them produce a practical sales or marketing plan
  • Reluctant to sell whilst being the only ones with the know-how and experience needed to discuss the product, service and solutions with existing and prospective customers
  • Wanting closer guidance, focus and support from their manager and colleagues
  • Having long client meetings and not quite getting round to asking for the order or discussing the price
  • Uncomfortable about talking to existing clients about problems, opportunities or ‘salesy things’ whilst needing to retain them and sell more to them
  • Not quite sure how to start and then what approach to take with a selling opportunity
  • Looking for guidance with preparing quotes and proposals, sales visits, exhibitions, promotional material, telephone selling, sales planning and focusing the sales effort effectively
  • In need of a more strategic, structured or planned approach to selling
  • Simply want some sales training and confidence boosting that will suit their particular people and enable them to increase sales

Ann invigorated our sales process through a series of workshops, which helped us target sales efforts on those sectors that were a best match for our skills, and ensured that we adopted an effective, systematic approach to winning new contracts. We can recommend Ann to companies big and small.

Henry Dickinson, Chairman -STB Engineering Ltd

I know how to plan and prepare now – I can think of reasons to call, know what questions to ask and what outcome I want. As a consequence I am confident, coherent and comfortable with selling.

Project Manager - Andiamo!