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Enabling Selling
Enabling Selling

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enabling selling

How we work

We’re passionate about enabling individuals and groups of specialists to sell comfortably, confidently, effectively and in a sustainable way, generating increased sales from existing and new customers.

Many of our clients find there can be two issues involved:

  • Having the selling skills and mind set that enable individuals and groups to sell and/or manage sales
  • Looking at what’s going on around them in the organisation to support or hinder their selling efforts and ensuring that things are set up for them to succeed. For example the selling process they use, the monthly and quarterly sales planning to tie in with business goals, the focus and support they get and making best use of the resources around them

We work with our clients as sales coach, trainer, mentor, facilitator and/or adviser. We set up conversations, one to one meetings, training workshops, group discussions, ‘phone calls and e mails – what ever works for a particular person or team. We firstly listen, understand and see things from our client’s perspective. Then, having understood and agreed an approach we advise, guide, coach, mentor and/or train in whatever combination is needed for our clients to be enabled to sell confidently, comfortably and competently.

The training was participative and specific to our needs. Ann linked it to us. I gradually became more comfortable, realising that the selling focus was on listening, not on talking.

Delegate from a workshop held for Oxford Brookes University

Ann always takes plenty of time in a relaxed environment to coax the most productive results from people. She has a great knack of identifying personalities and tailoring training and mentoring methods accordingly. I have always felt as though Ann has equipped me with the most appropriate tools to tackle a challenge and that the advice has been invaluable in my professional development.

Sarah Forbes - Sales and Marketing Manager