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Enabling Selling

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Case studies

Norvilles - How offering good advice to customers led to better sales.

In a very competitive marketplace with high profile, hard selling national chains, independent opticians group Norville's wanted to increase their sales by building on their strengths of friendly customer service, long-term customer relationships and excellent after-sales service.

To help the Dispensing practitioners and Optometrists sell more by letting patients know what is available and by making suggestions where they feel there is a better option for the patient. For them to feel confident and comfortable with doing this and to see how well it enhances both the professional advice and the customer service they provide.

The approach taken was to set up a one-day sales training workshop, tailor-made for the Dispensing Opticians, following initial one-to-one conversations. This was backed up by a short re-cap workshop a few months later. Ann created a fun and interactive environment in which the participants learnt how to sell in a way they were comfortable with and shared a huge amount of best practice ideas with each other. They continue to do so.

"In the weeks following the workshop, the Dispensing Opticians felt more comfortable & confident sharing their knowledge and making suggestions for alternatives that their patients might like to consider.

Six months on this led to:

  • An improvement in practice sales.
  • Better product recommendation by Dispensing Opticians to all patients.
  • Further increases in frame and lens up-grades.
  • A higher quality of dispensing across the group.
Ann brought a refreshing style of training and coaching to the session, where she quickly interacted with all delegates, especially with her ability to master some of the optical terminology being used. The full day session focused precisely on the areas that we needed, in a well constructed format which set out very positive goals. An all round very pleasant experience, delivered by an excellent provider."

Ian Richardson - Norvilles Opticians

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