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Case studies

EEF - Engineer Employers Federation increases value to clients and client value.

"EEF is an employer's organisation delivering services to engineering, manufacturing and technology based industries. Our staff who provide services to our clients are well educated and highly professional. We have a higher than average client retention rate, and year on year we grow the client base by circa 12%.

Despite our success in terms of growth and retention we weren't growing individual client value, and, prompted by the culture change of our specialists being given sales targets for the first time, we called upon Ann Sherrington to work with them.

We needed a quick fix, we were about to go through the biggest change in the history of our organisation, and we needed our service providers to be more business focused, we needed those people to grow business value. We hadn't met with Ann previously, but were impressed with the speed and the way in which she went about interpreting our brief. Ann quickly demonstrated that she had the organisation, team and people skills we were looking for. We engaged Ann to provide a series of sales workshops and one to one interviews, from the beginning Ann quickly developed relationships, but at the same time set high standards. For us Ann proved competent and experienced in delivering training and consultancy to our managers and executive staff, and delivered excellent customer service."

Ed Scott

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