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Case studies

Willmore Iles - Architects find a new sector and share the selling load.

Willmore Iles, Architects based in Bristol, have a very strong track record in the purpose-designed student accommodation sector. They were keen to grow the business for the future and expand their client base by transferring their university accommodation skills into the care sector. The Directors required the confidence and skills to be able to sell into their new sector themselves and needed the Project Architects to share the selling 'load' for both sectors with them in a way that would build on and enhance the very strong relationships they are proud to have with their clients.

For the Directors to identify new opportunities and win new business in the care sector

For the Project Architects to be confident and able to take more responsibility for winning the "most important second job" and 'best friend' relationships with the new clients.

Group workshops for the Directors and Project Architects run by Ann, combined with 'before' and 'after' one to one coaching sessions covered what was needed to 'start from scratch' in a new sector: identifying ideal target clients whose needs matched Willmore Iles' particular strengths and offerings, networking, getting in front of them and continuing the selling conversation. Work was also done on reframing selling so that spotting and asking about follow-on work became comfortable. Finally the key selling skills required to do this were learnt and practiced so the Architects could "make them their own".

"As an organisation, we are very enthusiastic about the creation of high quality buildings and spaces for our clients. What we have found much more difficult is the idea of 'selling' our services to new clients.

Ann was able to 'reframe' the idea of selling in our heads, in such a way as to make it feel entirely possible.

She worked with both directors and core staff members, through a series of workshops, to identify how we as individuals and as a organisation, could change and improve the way we develop new business.

Her training was highly enjoyable and insightful and supported our plans for growth into new sectors of work. We have recently submitted bids for two new projects for a care home and assisted living flats, one of our key target sectors."

Paula Willmore -Director. Willmore Iles.

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